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30-Day Self-love Challenge – Love Yourself More.

Are you having a hard time starting your self-love journey? Don’t know how to start or what to do? Don’t worry. In this blog post, I made a 30-day self-love challenge you can do! 

This challenge was designed to help you kickstart your journey – attract positivity, love your body, enjoy little things in life, and improve yourself. This challenge will serve as your guide and motivation to keep practicing self-love for 30 days, and hopefully, it becomes a habit.

For accountability, follow our Instagram page to see instructions, and post your progress on Instagram using the hashtag #selflovechallenge❤️ (don’t forget the emoji!). 

So, follow along on this challenge and feel so much better in 30 days!

30-Day Self-love Challenge.

Before we get started, let’s make sure to prepare the things we’ll need such as a journal. And then, let’s write what we are currently feeling, our expectations for the upcoming month, and how life is in general. It is nice to write these so we can compare our current state to later.

Take note, even if this is a challenge, don’t pressure yourself too much. If you skip a day, don’t beat yourself up. It is okay to miss some and just get back at it when you’re ready. Do this challenge with love and openness. Have fun!

Week one – Boost yourself with positivity.

Week one of the self-love challenge.

There’s no better way to start this challenge than to start it with something positive. This week, our goal is to see more goodness within and around us.

1. Create a gratitude list.

Showing gratitude expresses our love for others and ourselves. Let’s start this 30-day challenge by listing 5 things we are grateful for. Doing this pushes us to see and appreciate the good things around us. 

Bonus challenge: continue this list by writing one every day for the rest of the month. 

Life is pretty great, huh?

2. Say 3-5 positive affirmations. 

Self-love starts with how we treat and talk to ourselves. Saying positive affirmations reinforce positive thoughts. We can write and say them out loud. One cute way to also do this is to write them on sticky notes and place them where we can see them all the time! 

Here’s a list of positive self-love affirmations. You can pick something that resonates with you or create your own. 

3. Write everything you love about yourself.

This day, we will write everything we love about ourselves. It might be our quirks, our strengths, our relationship with others. Everything! 

Take a moment to look at yourself in the mirror, look at photos of yourself, read your journal, and reflect. I am sure that this is going to be a long list because you’re awesome! 

4. Meditate.

This day, let’s take some time to clear our minds and be present. Even 10 minutes of not thinking about anything else and being with ourselves can have a huge impact on our mental health. 

If this is something you are not used to, there are a lot of tools that can help you with this. You can try mobile apps like Headspace or look at YouTube videos for guided meditation. Once you find something you like, use it every time you want to meditate.

5. Create a vision board of your goals and dreams.

Let’s manifest! Today, we will make a vision board for our goals. Basically, it is a board where we post photos of the future we want. Aside from practicing the law of attraction, this also serves as a reminder that we have to work hard.

If you are more of a digital kind of organizer, you can create also create a digital vision board. You may use Pinterest or make an album on your phone.

The future is looking bright!

6. List 5 things you are proud of.

It is important to look back at things we are proud of. They remind us of the sacrifices we have made to achieve something. That feeling of accomplishment is a motivational boost too.

List down things that you are proud of. If you have more than 5, include everything – even those things that may not look like an achievement to others but you are proud of. 

You have done a lot of great things. 

7. Treat yourself.

It is time to pamper ourselves without guilt! It feels great to buy ourselves something nice but sometimes, guilt kicks in and we’ll feel worse than before.

Today, treat yourself with something you’ve been eyeing for a while now. Or buy whatever you feel like. You deserve it.  

Week two – Love your body.

Week 2 of the self-love challenge

Let’s be honest, a lot of us have trouble loving ourselves because we don’t like what we see in the mirror. Our body image heavily influences our feelings, thoughts, and behavior. As a result, our self-esteem is negatively affected. It will be hard to practice self-love when we are not confident in ourselves. 

This week, we will focus on loving ourselves by appreciating our bodies, starting to get healthy, and getting comfortable with our skin.

8. List what you like about your body.

We will start this week by listing down everything we like about our bodies. It might be because of appearance, strength, or for no reason, we just like it.

So, look at yourself in the mirror and start complimenting yourself. It will be nice if you can write the compliments on a sticky note and stick it in the mirror.

See, you are gorgeous!

9. Do a loving exercise or yoga.

Today, we will be doing some workouts with no expectation at all. It’s not because we want to lose weight or gain muscles. We’ll move our bodies because we love to! 

Feel yourself and the endorphins flowing. Yes, it feels good to be alive! 

10. Wear something you like.

It is time to be cute or be sexy. We have some outfits we are hiding at the back of our cabinets we are saving for that moment – when we achieve our goal weight, or when we feel more confident. 

Well, the moment is today. Wear whatever you like. Be bold. Be weird. Wear something that screams YOU. 

11. Cook your favorite meal.

Nothing can beat good food. It makes us feel happy and fills our stomachs. Today, let’s enjoy our comfort foods. Remember, healthy food isn’t just about its nutrients. It also should make us feel good and create a pleasurable eating experience. 

Bonus challenge – cook (or learn how to) your own comfort food! Cooking can be so therapeutic.

12. Walk in nature.

Walking in nature is so beneficial. It could boost our energy, calm our nerves, and lift our spirits. It is also a great way to reconnect with nature and feel that we are part of this beautiful world.

So, go out today. Breathe that fresh air. Hug a tree. Enjoy nature.

13. Plan your meals and workout.

Loving ourselves also includes prioritizing our health – eating healthy and working out. Today, we will take a moment to plan our meals and workouts. It can be for a week or so. There are many pros to this but the main thing is that we’ll live a healthier lifestyle. 

Take out your journal and plan. Make sure that you do this with love.


14. Dance it out.

Dance party time! It is a great day to play our favorite hype songs, move our booties and shake them. 

You can do this alone, or dance with your family, friends, or pets. Let loose and let your body take over.

Week three – Enjoy life.

We are halfway through the 30-day self-love challenge! It feels fulfilling to do this, right?

For this week, we will practice self-love by appreciating life and enjoying the moment. This is going to be a fun week.

15. Sing your heart out.

Singing is a great way to let our emotions out. It can be so fun and therapeutic at the same time. Today, we’ll be having our own concerts! It might be in the shower, room, or in public (if you want to. We will be here supporting you).

It is also a great time to make your own feel-good playlist. Listen to it whenever you need some serotonin boost.  

16. Get yourself a flower.

Or a plant. Let’s buy ourselves flowers for no reason. Maybe because we are awesome? 

Yes, you deserve it because you are special.

17. Do an act of kindness.

We are full of love and it is nice to share this love with others. Also, in times when we are having difficulty loving ourselves, sharing that love with others can be a practice of self-love too.

You can do this by genuinely complimenting others, thanking someone who helped you, calling a friend, or if you can, volunteering for a cause. 

18. Read a book.

There’s something magical when reading a really good book. It is good to take time just us and our book, with its characters, stories, lessons, inspirations, or knowledge. 

If you have a book that you’ve been wanting to read but got no time, this is the day you can finally do that. You may read self-love or empowering books. Or any book you want.

19. Go on a date with a loved one. 

In self-love, it is also important to nourish our relationships with others. And one way to keep a healthy relationship is to have some quality time with them.

Today, invite someone you like on a date. Eat together or do something you both want to do.

20. Do social media detox.

Social media is great but sometimes it can negatively affect our relationship with ourselves and others. Instead of accepting who we are, we might end up comparing ourselves to others we see on social media. Instead of spending time with friends, we are all “hanging out” together looking at our phones.

Today, enjoy life outside your phone. Set at least an hour to not look at your phone at all. There are a lot of interesting things in your surroundings!

21. Watch a movie.

At the end of the day, it is nice to get some food, sit on the couch, watch television, and relax. 

This day, that’s what you’re going to do. Relax and don’t feel guilty about it. 

Week four – Improve yourself.

We’re on the final week already! Does this feel like a challenge? Hopefully, those three weeks helped you feel good about yourself. 

This week, we will focus more on improving ourselves. Self-love is not just about feeling good and doing whatever we want. It also includes bettering ourselves. Not because someone told us to, but because we want what’s best for us. 

22. List self-limiting beliefs and change them into positive ones.

It is awful to have this negative subconscious thought like, we are not good enough. These self-limiting beliefs pull us down and are one of the reasons why we are not loving ourselves.

We will start this week digging deep within. What are your negative thoughts? What stops you from doing great things? Why are you afraid to reach for something bigger? Why are you having a hard time accepting yourself?

List these all down and cross them all out. These thoughts are just that – thoughts. To fight them, we have to proactively change these limiting beliefs into positive ones. Whatever you wrote down, write its opposite and that’s what you should believe in.

23. Declutter your space.

A messy space leads to a messy mind. This is why we’re going to clean and declutter today. 

Choose an area and start there. It can be your desk, a little drawer, or maybe your email. Start there and after decluttering, you’ll feel how nice it is to have a tidier space. 

24. Let all your frustrations out.

Building up frustrations is never good. It can negatively affect our work, relationships, and even our mental state. This is why we should let them all out today. 

If you are doing this challenge with us, today will be the 24th of April, 2022 and it is World Scream Day. What’s the best thing to do today? Scream all your frustrations out. It might sound silly but it is an effective way to de-stress. 

You can also try other things like writing them on a sheet of paper and then burning it afterward. 

25. Work on your finances.

Personal finance has a huge impact on our lives, and that includes self-love. It is hard to even think about self-love if we are trying our best just to survive daily. This is why today, let’s set a time to check our finances. 

You can start with setting a financial goal, creating a budget, and then looking for ways to earn/save money. 

Whatever you are dreaming to buy, you will get it. You can do it. 

26. Push yourself to do something you want but are scared to do it.

When we are talking about improving ourselves, getting out of our comfort zone is a must. We can only grow if we push ourselves to do better. We will become stagnant if we will stay in our comfort zones waiting for something to happen. It is time to make an opportunity of our own.

So, do something you are shy to do but you really want to. We will cheer for you! You got this.

27. Plan and start a routine.

A routine can change lives. Living life with structure can make life so much easier. Instead of wondering what to do daily, with routine, we don’t have to waste energy answering this question. 

For this day, plan a routine – it can be your morning routine, weekend routine, or even a routine before you start to focus on your work. Make sure that it is doable because if it is not, chances are you will just get frustrated and disappointed in yourself. 

28. Set your goals.

Setting goals can make a difference compared to when we daydream about it. When we set goals, we are like signing a contract to ourselves that we will do our best to achieve them. 

Get your journal and carefully think about what you want to achieve. Make sure that the goals you set are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-based (SMART).  

You are going to reach your dreams.

29. Write some mistakes you’ve done and lessons you’ve learned.

We are almost done with the 30-day self-love challenge. For today, we will look back on some life lessons we have learned throughout our lives. It is always nice to do this so that we won’t do the same mistakes again.

Write the most memorable mistakes you have done, those that really affected you. And then, write the lesson you have learned from these mistakes. 

These are all over now. Remember, you are so much more than your mistakes. By practicing self-love, you also have to learn how to forgive and accept yourself – flaws and all.

30. Reflect on this 30-day self-love challenge.

The past 30 days have been so fun. It is great to do this journey with you too! Now that we are on the last day, let’s end it by reflecting on our experience. 

What are you currently feeling? Is there any difference between you now and you 30 days ago? What challenge did you enjoy the most? What challenges would you like to do every day? Has there been a shift in your mindset? In your body image? 

Write everything down and you may also share them in the comments below!

Challenge yourself every day to love yourself more.

First of all, congratulations on finishing the challenge! It is awesome that you stuck around and really pushed yourself to do it. Hopefully, you are feeling much better about yourself.

Now that the challenge is done, it doesn’t mean that you have to forget everything and go back to your usual self 30 days ago. 

The self-love journey goes on and every day, there will be a challenge you have to face in regards to loving yourself. Some days, it is easy. Some days, you will feel crap. But, I know that you can push through it. 

Remember, you deserve love, especially the love that comes from you. 

You can do this challenge again and again. If you want another challenge, let me know and I’ll try to host it! 

As always, I’m here, rooting for your growth,

Blaise ♡

PS, I will also be doing the challenge. Follow me on Instagram and check out my self-growth journey so far.



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