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How to Organize Your Life and Maintain It.

Do you find yourself scrambling all the time? Does it feel like you’re always in a race with a deadline? Or do you have a lot of goals or things you want to do but you don’t know how to start? It seems like you have a lot on your plate right now and they’re messy. In this blog post, I’ll share 9 tips on how to organize your life.

Imagine you organized your working area. You know where all your stuff is. You arranged your files well so that you don’t have to look at different folders to find them. There is no clutter that distracts you.  

This seems refreshing and relaxing, right? You can focus on your work, and it does help you work more efficiently. 

“A good system shortens the road to the goal.” This quote applies to your life goals as well. If you are organized, it will be easier for you to succeed and thrive! There will be fewer obstacles in your way to your dream. 

9 Tips on How to Organize Your Life. 

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Cleaning up a mess especially if it’s your entire life can be complicated. So, let’s take a deep breath and slowly simplify your life by following the tips below:

1. Set Goals.

Setting goals helps you focus on important things – and in this instance, on organizing your life. It is tough to organize your life if you don’t know what to do and why you want to do this. If you forget, you have your goals to look at. 

Set long and short-term goals and be SMART about it. Make sure it is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time-bounded. This will guide you to be more organized. 

2. Develop routines and good habits.

You can’t organize your life in one snap of a finger. It takes continuous and consistent effort. And this can be hard, especially on days when you don’t have any motivation. 

With routines and good habits, keeping your life organized becomes second nature. Developing these will surely set you up for long-term success! 

Obviously, this won’t be easy. You may start with a simple routine like tidying up your bed the moment you wake up. Or washing your cup after you use it. Slowly, this good habit will build up and you can then go through a routine with not much effort. 

3. Plan ahead.

Spontaneity is fun – once in a while. But if you do it all the time, it gets stressful and chaotic. If you want to organize your life, plan ahead. Plan your day, your week, and your month. You can do long-term planning too!

We know that life can be unpredictable. But by planning ahead, you can somehow manage it. You know when to do what. It also helps you not miss important things. 

So, set a time to plan at least once a week. Map out your calendar and write your to-do list. This will definitely guide you on what to do each day for the entire week, and try to stick with it. 

4. Write and track things down.

There will always be something we forget or lose track of. It can be nothing but what if it’s important? 

Writing and tracking things down can tremendously organize your life. Writing can help you keep tabs on stuff. Tracking also lets you measure any progress you have.

You may do it in your notebook or phone. But it’s not just writing. You have to organize it. I suggest you set a time for you to look over your notes and organize them in your planner or journal.

5. Experiment with different techniques and tools.

There are tons of experts in organization and they may suggest different techniques or tools. Of course, there won’t be one thing that works for all. And you don’t have to use everything.

The best way to do this is to experiment and use what works best for you. You can do trial and error. If you have your own way already, and it is keeping you organized, then there’s no need to experiment. You don’t have to fix something that’s not broken. You can always upgrade if you want. 

6. Experiment with different techniques and tools.

Most of the time, we tend to overdo this whole “I’ll be better” when we start our self-improvement journey. It is nice because you all have this motivation. But most of the time, we stop because we can’t keep up with what we started. This is why we should start small, and then get better and better. 

The same thing must apply to organizing your life. You should start with something small, like maybe doing the top 3 tasks on your to-do list.  For sure, this leads to positive inertia. 

You may start with what you’re already doing. For example, you tend to be busier in the morning than in the evening. Then, don’t set a time to plan your day at that time. You can do it the night before. And in the morning, you can just look at your list. 

7. Learn how to prioritize.

Learning how to say no is such an important skill in an organized life! This can give you space to focus on what’s more important in your life. By just accepting and trying to do everything, you won’t be able to do anything great.

This is why you should learn how to prioritize. You should know which tasks need to be finished first. Ask yourself if it is relevant to your goals, if doing it can you feel fulfilled. Are you doing it because you have to or because you just need to tick off something on your list?

Prioritizing can give you so much time for yourself or anything that makes you happy!

8. Declutter and keep things tidy.

Your environment affects your mental state. If your place is messy, you’ll find it hard to sort out what’s in your mind too. Organizing your life can start with tidying up your space – both in your physical and online worlds. 

You may start by throwing or donating stuff you don’t enjoy anymore. This will make it much easier to clean your place. You should also delete that grade 5 essay on your computer. No, you won’t need it anymore. Deleting files can be hard especially if you’re a memory hoarder. If you can’t, then at least keep them in a folder. 

9. Outsource and delegate.

If things get too much, you can always ask or hire for help. Sometimes, we just need someone to help us go through this messy situation. 

You can hire someone to help you keep up with your work. Or, you may also delegate those tasks to your family members or colleagues. Have someone do those repetitive, boring tasks you have. With this, you can focus on your priority. 

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Organize your Life and Thrive.

By organizing your whole life, you will be able to enjoy each aspect of your life. No more getting overwhelmed by the chaos. 

Just like anything else, the hardest part of this is starting. After that, you just have to maintain and apply more efficient ways later on. 

Remember, do not organize everything all at once. It will be like removing getting overwhelmed after removing all your clothes from your closet. At the end of the day, you couldn’t finish it and all you have is a big pile of clothes. 

Take it one step at a time, and before you notice it, you’re juggling all aspects of your life like it’s nothing. 

So, start now. Share in the comments below what you will organize first. And share this post with your friends. 

Rooting for you,

Blaise ♡

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