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    20 Things To Do To Overcome Feeling Lonely

    A person sitting in a bench feeling lonely looking for ways on how to overcome this feeling

    Do you ever feel so lonely that it really hurts? Sometimes it happens spontaneously and immediately your whole mood changes. As a result, all your plans for the day go down the drain. Your social energy depletes also. This is now becoming more apparent because of the physical isolation we have to do. In this blog, let’s discuss what to do when you’re feeling lonely.

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    Easy Workouts to do When You’re Feeling Down.

    Do you know those times when you should workout or at least move a little bit but don’t have the energy to do so? Instead, you want to stay in bed and sleep? And of course, you know that this is bad especially for your recovery. For those days, here are easy workouts to do when you’re feeling down.

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    Know and Conquer Mental Resistance.

    Have you experienced starting a good habit but you can't push through it? Instead, you delay it or do the opposite. Maybe you have mental resistance that you don't know exist! Read this to know more about mental resistance and how to overcome it.

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    Quarantine Routine Guide

    This year is definitely not the best year ever. People are getting sick and sadly some die. Every part of the world has social issues that are surfacing. This pandemic is exposing failed systems in our society, making us feel helpless. And having nothing to do at home definitely does not help this feeling. This blog is a guide on what to do daily when you’re stuck at home.…