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Trust the Process: How and Why you should do it.

Have you ever planned out something, like your 5-year career goals, and it seems like it’s not working out at the moment? There are so many things that are making you doubt if your goals are feasible because things are not happening according to the plan. Does this mean we should give up? Absolutely, not. In this blog post, let’s learn how to trust the process and why we should do it.

I’m pretty sure that you’ve heard this cliché statement “trust the process”. But what does it really mean? 

Trusting the process means we’re letting go of things that are out of our control and having faith that we’ll get what we’re working hard for.  

When we obsess over the result, we get frustrated when we don’t see ourselves somewhere near it, and then chances are, we quit. 

Trusting the process means we push forward, and believe that we are going in the right direction by doing what we can at the moment.

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4 Reasons Why you should Trust the Process.

Trust is important because it helps us believe and rely on something, and this makes us feel confident. So, when an unfortunate event happens, we believe that we can get out of it because of something/someone we trust. 

Here are some more reasons why we should trust the process:

1. We can’t control everything.

No matter how thorough we are with our plans, there will always be something that will go south. Acknowledging this makes it easier for us to let go and let the universe/process take over. 

If we try to control everything, we’ll just end up getting overwhelmed and burned out! This will definitely help us reach our goals a lot harder.

2. Setbacks are part of the process.

That is life, shit happens. No matter how careful you are, some unfortunate events will still happen. 

This is why we should learn to let go of our worries whenever there’s a setback. If we won’t, we will be stuck, for who knows, how long until we learn to accept this and continue moving forward.

3. To avoid frustrations and stress.

It is frustrating and stressful to not know when we’ll achieve our goals or when we feel like we are moving too slow. When we focus on the end product, all we get to see is how much more we have to work and not what we have worked on.

By trusting the process, we let go of this stressful thinking and hopefully just keep on doing our best.

4. Make the journey enjoyable.

Once we acknowledge and accept all the things listed above, we learn to be appreciative of our progress and not obsess over one thing only, the goal. We become more present and intentional, and more importantly, we get to enjoy the process.

6 Ways to Trust the Process.

For some people, trusting the process can be hard especially when we’re used to getting immediate feedback and are easily discouraged by setbacks. It can be hard to let go of those overthought and worries. 

For those who feel the same way, here are ways you can do to trust the process:

1. Be flexible and adaptable.

As mentioned earlier, some things always happen that are not according to the plan. With this, learn how to be flexible and adapt to these changes. For example, if one strategy, which every “expert” swears by, is not working for you to reach your goal, look for another one. You don’t have to stick to something just because you’ve already planned about this. 

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2. Be patient.

Being patient means focusing on the long-term goal and have a sustained effort to achieve this. Something great doesn’t happen overnight and it certainly doesn’t happen smoothly. Rough patches, like a delay on your goal, won’t stop you from getting there. Be patient with yourself, and the process

3. Practice gratitude.

It is important to be grateful along the process. For every step forward we take, let’s be thankful. This will help us stay positive and appreciate every small win. We will be able to savor every moment of this journey if we are mindful and grateful for every small positive thing. With this, we shift our minds to the good and not the bad things.

4. Have faith.

Whatever your religion is, or even if you don’t have one, trusting the process will be easier if we also believe in a higher power. Practicing our spirituality connects us to our deeper self, and helps us reflect on our values and our purpose, which can be the goal. Putting our faith in someone/something means that we rely on them about the future and this significantly lessens the burden

5. Focus on your own progress.

Comparing our progress with others doesn’t do us any good. It might make us feel better if we feel like we’re on the lead but it might crush us if someone’s doing a lot better. We have different goals and different journeys, so it really won’t matter what the others are doing. Unless you’re not going to help, then just focus on your own. We might start with someone together but in the end, we have our own paths to take. 

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6. Let’s just do our best.

We really don’t know what the future holds. All we can do right now is to live at the present, do our best, and let the universe do the rest. Worrying or stressing about the future won’t really do anything. Let’s focus on the moment, and do what we can right now.

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Enjoy the Process by Trusting it. 

As someone who overthinks a lot and wants to have backup plans, I struggle to let go. This would make me anxious and keep me awake at night, which worsen my depression and anxiety. However, due to instances that proved that I really can’t control what’s going to happen (this pandemic really hits bad), I am learning to trust the process.

If you feel like the world is going against you, maybe it’s telling you something else, and you’re definitely not alone in this. There are a lot of us who are still walking around looking for our purpose. We will find it, and this is part of the process. 

For now, let’s just enjoy our journey, work on our growth, and trust the process. These will all be worth it! 

Rooting for you, 

Meredith Blaise ❤


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