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How to Reset Your Life -10 Steps to Start with.

Do you feel stuck that no matter what you do, you see no improvement? Do you feel exhausted that you just want to run away and start over? You may not need to run somewhere far away because starting over is possible. In this blog post, you will learn how to reset life – and you may start with these 10 steps. 

What do you do when your phone gets slow and laggy? As for me, I restart it. Same thing with other electronics. 

Obviously, you’re not a phone but we humans can learn from this. If things get too chaotic, we can unplug and start again from time to time.

10 Steps to Reset Your Life.

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Resetting your life is not like pressing the reset button and you’re good to go. You need to take one step at a time to do this. Remember, this needs your full commitment.

Here are 10 steps you may follow to reset your life:

1. Reflect and accept your current situation.

When someone wants to reset their life, it usually means they don’t like their current situation, which is the consequence of their actions. So to restart your life, you should first think and see the present circumstances and why this happened.

Explore your past experiences and their significance in your life. Recall the lessons you learned from your past mistakes. 

After reflecting, accept your current situation. Regretting and blaming your past self won’t do anything good. Accept the present and make “now” the starting point of this reset.

2. Visualize the life you want and compare it to your current one.

After deciding to live in the present and move forward, imagine the life you want in the future. Close your eyes and think about it. What do you see? Who are you with? Where are you? What makes it your dream life? How do you feel? List everything down. 

And then, compare it to your present life. How different is it? 

With this, you can then think and plan how to reset your life.

3. Visualize the life you want and compare it to your current one.

Not everyone needs a full reset. You may just nitpick some parts of your life. It may be your health, family, career, finances, personal development, spirituality, relationships, etc. 

Carefully assess your standing with these different areas of your life. What part are you most dissatisfied with? Which one do you think can greatly improve soon? What do you want to remediate asap? 

Considering all of these can help you move forward without getting overwhelmed. If you want to improve everything all at once, it can get stressful. So I highly suggest you choose 1-2 aspects of your life, start from there, and then the rest can follow.

4. Deal with the toxicity in your life.

You can’t fully change your life into something better if you’re holding on to the toxic part of your life or your baggages.  These can be people, feelings, situations, or even your trauma. 

It is best if you deal with them as soon as you can. You may want to completely let go of them or at least learn how to cope with them. Talk to a therapist so someone can help you navigate through this. 

5. Set goals and action steps.

Earlier, we talked about envisioning the future that you want. Now, set goals that are relevant to this future. You may set long and short-term goals. 

It is important to set your goals so your dream is not just out there ~ wandering around. Setting your goals is like telling the universe that you’re doing this and will achieve it. It becomes your direction to the life you want.

After setting your goals, plan steps on how to achieve your goals. This can help you work toward your goal without getting overwhelmed. These can also become your milestones, which will be celebrated to keep you motivated.

6. Develop good habits and break the bad ones.

Some factors that probably brought you into this mess are your bad habits. And it’s pretty hard to reset your life if you continue doing them.

It is definitely hard to break habits so let’s focus on developing good ones. Start this reset with a small good practice, like making your bed in the morning, sleeping on time, taking a walk, drinking water, etc. Here are more examples of what you can start with.

These small habits, which we call atomic habits, can then lead to another good one. Eventually, you’ll replace those bad with good habits. 

7. Take some time for yourself.

When you’re resetting your life, you have to look within, learn more about yourself, and do some fixing. And it’s hard to do these when you’re in your usual noisy and busy place.

This process needs time and space. 

You may join a retreat. Go on a hike. Travel somewhere. Go somewhere far where you can just be with yourself and only think of yourself.

Even if you can’t go somewhere far, at least take a few minutes for a day by meditating, and doing what you like.

8. Declutter and clean your environment.

When you want to start over, it is the perfect time to declutter, and let go of things that don’t spark joy! It is time to throw or donate the stuff that gives you bad vibes. It is also an excellent opportunity to reorganize your place. And you can also bring something new into this renewed space.

Your surroundings have a significant impact on your mood. Having a tidy one will improve your state of mind. (Don’t you feel like you can do anything when your house is clean? I’m sure I’m not the only one who feels this!)

9. Forgive and be kind to yourself.

When you’re resetting your life, you may have to face and process a lot of things about yourself, and some if not most can be negative. This is actually good. It means you’re dealing with your past. 

But, don’t dwell on them. Whatever they may be, they’re already in the past. You may be angry at yourself or others, and that’s okay. However, when you’re resetting your life, it is best to let go of this resentment. Forgive your past self, and going forward, be kind to your present self too.

10. Practice positive self-talk.

You will need a lot of encouragement in this new journey. This is why you need to learn how to be your own cheerleader, not your critic. 

Practicing positive self-talk can help you minimize your negative thinking. And this can be a big factor for this reset to be successful. 

I am excited to see how you reset your life and know the new version of yourself!

You might have reset your life a few times before. And you might have to do a lot more in the future. 

This is normal because you are growing and learning! 

Hopefully, you’ll achieve your goals and have a successful reset.

Rooting for you,

Blaise ♡


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