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    How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day – 8 Examples

    Girl practicing mindfulness by meditating in a beach

    Have you ever spent an entire day doing something you didn’t really intend to do? Do you rush things, and then once it’s over, you regret not savoring every moment doing it? Or do you spend your days doing what you’re supposed to do like a zombie, feeling indifferent about it? If so, these are signs that you are not fully present in what’s happening in your surroundings and/or…

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    What to write in your journal to focus on your goals

    Are you excited to write in your new, pretty journal but you have no idea what to write in it? Or maybe you’ve already started writing your new year’s resolutions, and now what? In this blog, let’s talk about what to write in your journal to help you stay motivated to do your new year’s resolutions and your goals.

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    50 Goal Ideas to Achieve Holistic Health.

    Do you feel exhausted all the time that this affects your health and relationship with others? And no matter what medicine you’ll take, it just won’t go away? For this reason, it is time to improve your health holistically: to heal your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social state. If you are looking for goal ideas for the New Year, getting healthy should be your top priority.

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    Take Responsibility for your Life: Why and How to do it.

    Reach mountains when you start taking responsibility for your life. The image shows a woman happily reaching the top of a mountain. Photo by Amelie & Niklas Ohlrogge on Unsplash

    Do you feel miserable because you haven’t fulfilled any of your dreams and aspirations? And instead of doing something about it, you complain and blame everyone? Since you’re here, I am assuming that you’ve realized this and reevaluated yourself and now, you want to take responsibility for your life.