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Things to do on Sundays to Have a Productive Week

Do you spend your Sundays feeling anxious for the upcoming week? As a result, you fail to do anything and cram everything on a Sunday evening? This is something we absolutely don’t want to start our week with, don’t we? In this blog post, I listed things to do on Sundays to have a productive week.

Sundays can be very daunting to some. This is pretty normal since Monday and work are just there, creeping in. However, it’s going to be a total waste if we let this take over one of our weekends. 

If we let our Sunday blues win, there’s a higher chance that we will have a bad week. Remember, how we start our week can definitely affect our entire week. If we start it calmly and productively, we might be able to carry these on to the rest of the week!

13 Productive Things to do on Sundays. 

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1. Do your usual morning routine.

I know it’s tempting to sleep in as late as we want but doing this would interrupt our body clock! It is always best to sleep and wake up at the same time every day, even on weekends. It is hard but it’s going to be worth it. 

So, wake up early, and do the usual morning routine. This will signal our bodies that it’s time to be alert and do some awesome things. On this note, let’s make sure that we love the things we do in our morning routine to have enjoyable mornings. 

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2. Tidy up your space.

Thinking of cleaning up is tiring enough but cleaning our spaces can be a great way to de-stress. As a consequence, the result is so rewarding: a clean space! A clean space, maybe a house, a room, or just a desk, is really good for our mood and mental health

To add, we will be able to be productive with no distractions if our things are organized. I know I’m not the only one who procrastinates by “cleaning stuff”. 

Aside from this, if we ever have a bad day, it is always comforting to know that we have a clean space to get home to.

3. Plan and prepare meal for the week.

This is very helpful for those who are busy, on a budget, and want to eat healthily! By planning and preparing our meals, we ensure that we have something healthy to eat even if we are so busy. This also stops us from buying takeouts or dining in which is a good thing for our wallets. 

Meal plan and prep is a time-saver, especially for those who are always on the go, and for those who take too much time deciding what food to eat.

4. Do your laundry.

Personally, Sunday is the best time to do laundry! It’s so satisfying to start the week with clean sheets and no laundry in the hamper. There’s just something about sleeping on a new sheet that all your worries for the week vanish. 

This is also a must-do for those who don’t have a lot of clothes or who are required to wear uniforms. Wearing dirty clothes can not just affect our performance but also our social life! 

In addition, doing laundry on Sundays means one less chore to worry about on the weekdays.

5. Organize outfits for the week.

We may not notice it, but some of us take a lot of time to pick an outfit! Sometimes, it doesn’t really matter if we come in late as long as we arrive in style, right? Well, we can still be in style without compromising our tardiness by preparing our outfits beforehand.

By doing so, we will also be able to save time in the morning and do something more productive. This also keeps our closets tidy! 

Another thing about this is that we avoid “decision fatigue” or getting tired of making choices. This is why some billionaires use the same style everyday so they can use their decision-making energy for more important things.

6. Check finances.

It is always necessary to check our finances – the expenses from the previous week and the budget for the following week. 

By checking our expenses, we’ll be able to compute if we only spent money within our budget and there will be some accountability if we didn’t. 

Budgeting our money for the week prevents us from wasting money on unnecessary things. One way we can do this is by doing a “wallet envelope” where we divide our cash into categories or maybe allot allowances for each day of the week.

The image has a notebook, calculator and coins to show checking finances on Sundays

7. Clean your bag and pack essentials.

A messy bag can be disastrous! We might lose something important, or maybe forget to bring something. There are tons of things that could be destroyed because of a cluttered bag, and this can definitely interrupt our productivity.

Have you ever left something, like earphones or your favorite pen, and consequently, you can’t concentrate because of it? It is really annoying. 

By cleaning and organizing our bags on Sundays, we’re always ready to go and we’re assured that we have everything we need to crush the day.

8. Reflect and write on your journal.

Self-reflection can do wonders and it can certainly help us be more productive. Looking back, we can see what productive strategies or tools are effective for us. We can also think about what’s not working for us and how we can improve this. 

Reflecting on what we’ve learned can push us not just to be productive but be better people. After reflecting on these things, we can then write these in our journal so we won’t forget these lessons.

9. Set intentions and goals of the week.

Although intentions and goals are different, it is better if we can set them together at the start of the week! Having an intention and goal can keep us focused and be productive for the week. 

For the intention, we can ask ourselves what do we want to be this week, what will be our focus in terms of our personal growth, what will make me happy. This will be our why and commitment for this week. We may want to be more patient, understanding, kind, determined, etc.

For the goal, let’s set one or two specific outcome/s that we can evaluate if we’ve actually achieved it. We can set shorter goals for each day like a to-do list! 

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10. Schedule important events on the calendar.

This is a must-do on a Sunday. We absolutely don’t want to forget and miss an important event especially when we’ve already committed to it. 

To avoid this, we can check our journals, appointment notebook, emails, and text messages. It will be better if there’s only one way we take note of these events, like in a specific notebook. 

Afterward, we can lay them all down in a calendar. Personally, I like to write them all down in a big physical calendar in my table so I can see them easily. I have this kind of bad habit of ignoring notifications on my phone. But, if you like them on your electronics, go ahead!

11. Don’t forget to feed your soul.

Our spiritual health is as important as the other aspects to be holistically healthy. There’s no physical manifestation of this but it has a great impact on our total wellness. Feeding our souls makes us feel more alive and happier that helps us cope with any difficulties in life.

This doesn’t necessarily mean practicing your religion. We can do anything here as long as it encourages us to be more hopeful and faithful. We can practice volunteerism, reading good books, and of course, attending church. 

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12. Spend quality time with your loved ones.

For those who are living with their families, Sunday is the best day to spend quality time with them. It might be a great day to go for a picnic, watch a movie, eat out, visit a park, or do anything that your family loves to do together. 

For those who are living alone or with roommates, it may be nice to visit family members if possible or go out with friends. Brunch sounds great!

Remember that socializing affects our well-being. Socializing on Sundays can be a guarantee that we still hang out with people we love despite our busy weekdays.

13. Go to bed early.

Waking up on Mondays is the worst! It even gets worse if we wake up late. By going to bed early, we assure that we’ll wake up early on Monday and we’ll be able to do our morning routine.  

So, let’s do some calming evening routine to get rid of any anxiety, and then sleep early. There’s no better way to prepare ourselves for a productive week than having a good night’s sleep on Sundays.

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A woman who is excited and motivated to be productive after doing these things at the start of the week

Do these things on Sundays and have an awesome week ahead!

Doing these things at the start of the week prepares us ahead of time and sets ourselves up for success. I actually love planning because it helps me feel in control and also it guides me on what to do.

Whenever I’m anxious, I get paralyzed and can’t get things done. One thing that helps me is writing a step-by-step to-do list which pushes me to do things in baby steps. 

With this in mind, planning for the week stops me from getting overwhelmed with all the tasks to be done. Instead, every day, I’ll just look at my planner and focus on the tasks for that day only.

Of course, remember that no one’s perfect and plans can be interrupted. So let’s be flexible, which is a really important attitude to develop for our self-growth. 

If you have any more tips, share them in the comments below, and let’s all grow together.

Rooting for you,

Blaise ♡



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