How to Find a Fitness Partner and Motivate Each Other

Do you find yourself having trouble with your fitness goals this year? It might be eating more veggies, going to the gym, or being more active in general. Do you know what can help? A fitness partner! In this blog, we’ll talk about why having a workout buddy can help you, how to find one, and how to hold each other accountable.

We know that it is necessary for us to take care of our health that we probably set goals about this every year. However, it is difficult to break those unhealthy habits that we have which makes the process of getting healthy more challenging.

The process of getting healthy is not fun especially when we’re not used to them. It takes a lot of will and perseverance to go through them. As a result, only a few succeed in achieving their fitness goals. 

It is extra challenging when we are doing this alone. This is why we need at least one person to help us through this.

Importance of having a fitness partner:

Having a fitness partner has a lot of benefits, not just for us but for our partners as well. 

One reason is that having a fitness partner can keep us motivated. There are just days that we can’t see our progress which makes us lose hope. When we’re alone, there will be no one to hype us up. With this, the tendency is that we’ll not go to the gym or we order unhealthy food. But, when we have a partner, there will be someone to check on us, offer support or cheer us up. 

Another reason is that we have someone to hold us accountable. If we slack off, there will be someone to remind us of our goals or drag our butts to the gym. 

The third reason is that having a fitness partner can actually make the process fun. Having someone go with us to the gym makes it a little less intimidating. It is always more fun to suffer with someone. 

Just remember that we should not depend on our partner all the time. Because there are times that our partners need our support more than we do. It is a two-way relationship.

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How to find a fitness partner.

Now that we know why it is nice to have a fitness partner, the next question is where to find one. There are some of us who are shy to ask people we know or have no one to ask in person because no one’s interested. 

So, here’s a list of where to find a fitness partner:

1. Workout groups

We can enroll in a fitness class. Here, we will see different types of people who might have the same goals as us, and the bonus is that we already have a common interest: that class we’re taking with them. 

It is just like school again where you look around and find a person you’re interested to be friends with. And then you ask that person if she/he wants to be your fitness partner, and from there you can start motivating each other.

2. Virtual workout buddy 

There are some who don’t like to go to the gym or just want to workout at home. In this situation, what we can do is have a virtual workout buddy. 

Our workout buddy doesn’t necessarily have to be someone we know personally. We can have a fitness trainer who offers online classes, someone who’s also looking for a fitness partner online, or those fitness YouTubers and their audience. 

One downside here is that we won’t really see each other face to face. To make this work, we have to be honest with ourselves and with our partners.

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3. Facebook groups

There are many online groups or forums you can join. But, I’m going to recommend joining a Facebook group since it’s the most accessible. 

You can join a group on Facebook to almost anything you’re interested in. There is even a group where you all pretend to be an ant! 

There are also accountability groups for practicing yoga, weight loss, etc. 

4. Healthy cooking class

As we all know, the core of being physically healthy is in what we eat. Even if we know this, we still often eat something unhealthy. 

One reason for this is that we don’t know how to cook delicious, healthy meals! Or maybe you don’t know how to cook at all? I’m not shaming you. It’s actually better that the first meals you learn how to cook are healthy ones!

There are many classes online where we can also meet people who want to be healthy. We can share recipes, or ask those who are good already for help.

5. Ask your friends or significant other.

Personally, I think it’s better that our friends or SOs are our fitness partners. This is because we share the same space as them, and we greatly influence each other. If one party has no desire to be healthy, it will be good if the other motivates him/her to be better. But what if the unhealthy one has the stronger influence? 

It is also nice to be open about our fitness struggles with them and that we can have the support we need. Doesn’t it feel great to grow and be healthy with people you love?

Ways to keep each other motivated

Finding the perfect fitness partner is a great thing! Imagine finding someone who has the same goal as you, can keep you motivated, you can have fun working out with and who, in general, just inspires you to be healthy and be better. It’s like finding your fitness soulmate. 

But, just like any relationship, we need to commit, communicate, and give effort for this to work.  Here are some ways to keep each other motivated.

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1. Set and plan together

By setting and planning together, we and our partners agree on what we want to achieve, what we will do to achieve this, and when do we want to do it. 

It is important that we communicate so that we can plan accordingly. And once we’ve set a schedule, we both have to push through it because we’ve already talked about this. With this, there is no more room for excuses.

2. Have a friendly competition

Try pushing each other by having a little competition every now and then. This can help encourage each other to do more. 

A little competition doesn’t hurt anyone. When done correctly, this can benefit both parties. Try joining a marathon. Or maybe compete by doing some daily challenges.

3. Do fun activities

It can’t be avoided that there will be times when you just feel like slacking off or ordering take-outs. To minimize these cravings, it is recommended to take a break every now and then. Of course, it is still better to do healthy activities while on break. 

Maybe we can plan a monthly fun activity with our partners! For example, we can go on a hike or maybe we can try skating. There are many recreational activities that are physical in nature. 

For eating healthy, we can maybe try baking new recipes or maybe try that new healthy restaurant nearby.

Find your Fitness Buddy and be Strong Together!

It is awesome to feel good about ourselves because we’re healthy and strong. Aside from affecting our physical health, getting fit also has an impact on other aspects of holistic health. This is important because being healthy is an important factor to our growth. 

The great thing about having a buddy is that we’re not just improving ourselves, but we’re also helping our partner. Then, hopefully this can have a positive effect on others as well. 

Now, I know that there are people who live in a community where living healthy is relatively hard. There are even some who mock you if you take care of yourself like what. For those who experience this, the tips mentioned above should help you find a support system. Maybe you can form friendships outside of your current circle? 

If you’re new here to my blog, I really encourage us to grow as a community. It is nice to know that you belong to a group of people who supports each other to achieve each individual’s fullest potential, together. And we can start this by pair. 

Be accountable by joining our community here. And share your thoughts about having a fitness partner in the comments section.

Rooting for you,

Meredith Blaise ♡



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