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30 Journal Prompts for the End of the Year Review.

Are you shocked that this year is almost over, and when you think about it, you have no idea what you did this year? Do you make the same goals every year but get nowhere near achieving them? This usually happens when we just let a year go by without even trying to review how we did. This is why it is great to end the year reflecting and understanding our performance. In this blog post, I shared 30 journal prompts you can use to reflect on your year and your personal end-of-the-year review.

A year-end review is usually done by businesses so that they could assess how good or bad they performed this year. They will use this to see if they have achieved the goals they set at the start of the year. Knowing their performance helps them formulate strategies for the upcoming year.

The same is true with personal year-end reviews. In this case, we look at our own performance and compare it to our own personal goals. Using this, we could then plan and set goals for the following year depending on our review.

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5 Reasons why you should review your year.

Maybe you are wondering if we really have to reflect and do an end-of-the-year review. Well, it’s not a must but it can definitely help us improve ourselves and guide us in our personal growth. Here are other reasons why:

1. See if we have achieved our goals.

We don’t just set goals for the sake of having one. We should also hold ourselves accountable for achieving them, and the best time to see if we did is during the end-of-year review. Aside from our year-long goals, we could also recall the short-term goals we have achieved throughout the year.

By doing this, we will be able to assess where we currently are on our life goals and also plan other strategies for those goals we haven’t achieved yet.

2. Celebrate accomplishments.

There are some who would stress during this time of the year because all they could remember are the bad things that they did or happened. But, when we really reflect on how we spent our year, we’ll realize that we’ve done some great things too. We just forgot about the good things because we overwhelmed ourselves with the negative stuff. 

Reviewing our year and focusing on our achievements, big or small, can be a great morale boost! It will definitely give us the motivation to continue reaching for our dreams. It will also be a great way to end the year proud of what we have accomplished.

3. Remember the lessons we have learned.

One important reason why we should reflect is to remember all the lessons this year has thrown at us. It is understandable to forget those lessons but we still have to do our best to recall so we won’t make the same mistakes again. We can also use those lessons to improve our lives and make better choices in the future.

4. Check progress on our long term goals.

Reflecting on our performance this year can also help us check our progress on our long-term goals. This way, we will be able to see if we are still on track to the life we want in our future. If something has changed, we can also plan how we can adjust to this. It is also possible to make some changes to our long-term goals.

5. Set goals for next year properly.

By checking what goals we have and haven’t achieved, we will be able to discover more about ourselves, like our strengths and weaknesses. We can then use this to set more realistic and achievable goals for us. By knowing ourselves more, we can make better strategies to set ourselves up for success!

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30 Journal prompts for self-reflection at the end of the year.

These journal prompts can help us reflect and look back at the events, good, bad, and everything in between, that happened this year. 

  1. What are your major accomplishments this year? 
  2. How did you celebrate these accomplishments?
  3. Who/what helped you with these wins?
  4. What are the biggest challenges you’ve faced this year?
  5. What did you feel while facing these challenges?
  6. How did you overcome these challenges?
  7. What did you realize after overcoming these challenges?
  8. What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned this year?
  9. How will you apply these lessons next year?
  10. What are your most memorable experiences this year?
  11. What made you laugh so hard this year? 
  12. What are your favorite books, music, or movies this year?
  13. What places have you visited that you want to visit again?
  14. What new things have you tried this year?
  15. Who/what are you grateful for?
  16. How did you show your gratitude?
  17. How will you summarize this year in a sentence? 
  18. How satisfied are you with your life this year? 
  19. What aspects of your life have improved so much this year?
  20. Do you have goals that are not achieved this year?
  21. What are some changes you have encountered?
  22. How did you adapt to these changes?
  23. What emotions have you felt this year?
  24. What qualities do you like about the person you are this year?
  25. What do you wish you had done differently this year?
  26. What made you the proudest this year?
  27. What are your highlights of each month this year?
  28. What held you back this year and how will you get free from this?
  29. What is the best compliment you have received this year?
  30. What new things have you discovered about yourself?

A woman using the journal prompts for the end of the year review, and she looks happy.

Let’s end this year on a positive note. 

This year has been rough but we couldn’t really do anything about it. Despite all those bad things that happened, hopefully, we will be able to see something positive. What can we really do but keep on moving forward because life goes on. 

There are only a few days left before this year ends. Let’s try our best to end this year on a positive note through self-reflection so we can also start the upcoming year with a happy heart. 

I really wish all the best for all of us and I’m rooting for our self-growth next year! We got this. 

Blaise ♡



  • Desiree

    These are some great journal prompts especially the “what I wish I did different this year” question. That’s one I’ll definitely be journaling about. Thanks for sharing.

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