How to start working out again – be consistent this time.

Are you having difficulty sticking to a consistent workout routine? Or were you once living actively, but for some reason, you stopped, and now you want to do it again? In this blog, we’ll talk about how to start working out again. And this time, we’ll stick to a routine or be more consistent with our workout. 

We all started working out at some point in our life. Some were more active than others. There are some who successfully made working out a habit, and others who did not. There are a lot who stopped for different reasons. 

One reason is we got busy that we kept on pushing down working out in our to-do list until we completely forgot about it. Another reason could be that we developed bad habits that completely changed our lifestyle. Or, we just lost the motivation to workout. 

This is normal! We all experience this. The important thing is that we are trying to get out of this workout rut and start trying again. 

How to start working out again - be consistent this time

How to start working out again – follow these 8 steps. 

After being inactive for a while, it will be hard to workout again because there seems to be a resistance. It is easy and comfortable to not move our bodies especially when we got used to not doing anything. But now, we’re going to voluntarily push ourselves to sweat out again. 

If not done right, this will be another one of those failed attempts to make working out a habit. This is normal, but that’s not what we want this time. Here are 8 steps that can help us get back on track and feel excited about working out again. 

1. Set Goals. 

Our goals are there to help us stay focused on what we want to achieve. This is the reason why we’re going to start working out again. 

When we set our goals correctly, we will be more likely to accomplish them. To do it properly, let’s use the SMART technique. 

Our goals should be Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-bound. By following this format, we have a clear and concise fitness goal. 

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2. Look for a fitness partner.

A fitness partner or a workout buddy can definitely increase our motivation, especially when we get the right one. Working out will be much more fun when we have someone to do it with. Plus, there will be someone who will hold us accountable when we get lazy. 

It will be a good bonus when we have the same goals with our partners!

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3. Set a schedule.

Now that we have a goal and a partner, we can set a schedule on when we want to workout. Is it in the morning or afternoon? How many days a week? How many hours per session? 

Let’s schedule it, mark it on our calendars, include it in our daily routine

One important thing here is that we also have to take into account the duration and the intensity of the workout for the first few days. Of course, it will be hard if we immediately push ourselves to do an hour of intense workout. 

Maybe 10 minutes for the first week, and then increase it until we reach our desired duration. 

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4. Finalize plan.

We have to finalize everything we’ve talked about, and once it’s all set, let’s do our best to stick to the plan. 

To avoid getting overwhelmed or frustrated immediately, we have to consider where we are right now in terms of our physical capabilities, habits, and daily schedule. Plan ahead the routines or challenges to be done everyday. 

We also have to confirm the schedule with our partners and list the things we need for the workout. Also, we have to think about the distractions that we might encounter, and what we should do to prevent them. 

By planning properly, we are getting ahead of ourselves, and making sure that we will not make any excuses later on.  

5. Prepare what you need.

Now that we’ve finalized everything, we have to prepare what we need – our clothes, shoes, and even the playlist beforehand. (Have you experienced not feeling pumped to workout because your playlist is not ready? Is it only me? Okay…)

We also have to prepare our workout equipment like a yoga mat and weights. If we’re going to the gym, organize the gym bag! 

Most importantly, we have to prepare ourselves. This is a critical time to hype ourselves up! Yay, we’re going to be fit! 

6. Start with something easy.

I know that by this time, we are so motivated but let’s remember to take it easy and make sure that we are capable of doing the workout. 

Remember, we’ve stopped for a while (or a long time) and our bodies are not what they used to be. Over exerting ourselves will just lead to sore muscles, or even injuries

If we push ourselves immediately, we might find it too difficult, and ultimately, lose interest. Let’s pace ourselves; slowly but surely

7. Take note of healthy habits.

This doesn’t end with just working out again. We also have to reinforce this with healthy habits

We have to sleep well, eat healthy food, hydrate, etc to get fit. By reinforcing good habits on top of other good habits, they become more solid and easier to do. For example, if we workout in the morning, and then start building a morning routine around it, we will be able to workout easily as long as we follow our routine. 

However, if we continue our bad habits, the tendency is we will get back to being lazy. Consequently, this restart will turn into a waste.

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8. Don’t forget your rest day.

Lastly, our favorite, rest day. Let’s not forget to take a rest. This is important so that our body gets to heal and rejuvenate. We can do a chill workout like strolling in the park, or we can do nothing at all. Let’s just promise to not disrupt our progress by taking more rest days than active days. 

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21-day workout challenge for beginners

Congratulations on working out again!

Yay! Congratulations on deciding to start working out again! This will no be an easy path but it’s going to be worth it: for both your health and self-improvement

To be consistent this time, follow the guide above on how to start working out again and take your time to get back on track. For those who are just starting, you can do the same! 

I’ve made a 21-day workout challenge that can help us slowly get used to working out. You can totally download the photo to be your guide. 

Rooting for you, 


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