• Mental Health

    Know and Conquer Mental Resistance.

    Have you experienced starting a good habit but you can't push through it? Instead, you delay it or do the opposite. Maybe you have mental resistance that you don't know exist! Read this to know more about mental resistance and how to overcome it.

  • Fitness

    Lack of Motivation to Exercise: How to Beat it.

    We all know that exercise is a big part of keeping us healthy. We hear it everywhere: from our parents, doctors, in our social media accounts, bloggers. We see evidence that supports this. But, it is hard to motivate ourselves to workout.    Many of us were pretty active before we hit adulting. We’ve tried different activities aside from Physical Education, which thank goodness was a requirement. We’ve also had…

  • Self Growth

    5 Tips on How to Start Your Self Improvement Journey

    planting_self growth

    Have you looked at yourself in the mirror, and then started crying because you do not like the person you saw? Have you cried yourself to sleep, and then woke up feeling pathetic? Have you ever broken down just because you dropped a pencil, and then thought that everything you did was a failure?   And then one time, your brain told you “you know you can be better, right?” …

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