• Self Growth

    How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout the Day – 8 Examples

    Girl practicing mindfulness by meditating in a beach

    Have you ever spent an entire day doing something you didn’t really intend to do? Do you rush things, and then once it’s over, you regret not savoring every moment doing it? Or do you spend your days doing what you’re supposed to do like a zombie, feeling indifferent about it? If so, these are signs that you are not fully present in what’s happening in your surroundings and/or…

  • Mental Health

    Quarantine Routine Guide

    This year is definitely not the best year ever. People are getting sick and sadly some die. Every part of the world has social issues that are surfacing. This pandemic is exposing failed systems in our society, making us feel helpless. And having nothing to do at home definitely does not help this feeling. This blog is a guide on what to do daily when you’re stuck at home.…